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The BIGBAIT STICK is for anglers that demand American performance, durability and quality. Made in the USA.

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Product Description

For anglers who demand quality. The BIGBAIT Sticks feature strong, United Stated-built blanks capable of throwing heavy baits such as swimbaits or heavy punch baits. It is equipped with American built and patented tangle reduction Dee Thomas (DT) guides. The DT guides reduce line tangle and knots during casting, flipping or punching.

DT tips also optimize line flow through the guide wire and reduce tangling. The 316 marine grade and American steel guide wire is attached by an internal laser weld, ensuring long lasting durability. Plus they are US patented, designed and machined in California.

In addition to the American made components. The BIGBAIT Sticks sport beautifully crafted carbon fiber handles, assembled in Washington.

The BIGBAIT STICK comes with a 6 month warranty. Contact us with any questions.

BIGBAIT Stick Handle

BIGBAIT Stick with swimbait

Dee Thomas’ Anti-Tangle Guides & Superior Tip:

Dee Thomas’ Anti-Tangled guides were designed to reduce line tangles when casting, flipping, tule dippin and punching. With most other guides, the line tends to catch on the bottom supports where the guides meet the fishing rod. These snags occur frequently during casting and active reeling techniques.

Dee Thomas’ patented design features double footed guides that allow the the line to flow at an optimized angle, far from the footing. The result is less tangles and more time for casting, flipping and tule dipping.


Made in the USA with Utlra strong and light weight 316 “marine grade” stainless steel, these guides will endure the casting, reeling and everyday outdoor environment of the active angler.guides-sidewise-black
Guide Patents: D650,792 | D636,839 | D668,317
Tip Patent No. 9,066,506 B2
bigbait-tip-closeThe guide tip is made with the same durable stainless steel and is also laser welded. This results in a smooth surface that eliminates those pesky snags.
  • USA Made (California)
  • United States patented
  • Light weight
  • Ultra strong
  • Strong 316 “marine grade” stainless steel
  • Multi purpose (Can be used with braid or monofilament)
  • Designed to help reduce line tangles
  • Laser welded guide tip to avoid snags.

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8′ BIGBAIT Stick Swimbait Rod, 7’11” BIGBAIT Stick Punch Rod