Glideator Greenbow
Glideator Greenbow11″ with fabricated fin, Rago Glideator Swimbait (9″ has molded fin)9″ with molded fin, Rago Glideator Swimbait (11″ has fabricated fin)Glideator Rainbow

Glideator Glide Bait


The Glideator Glide Bait is perfect for open water fishing around deep structure where game fish look for big baits. The 9″ features a molded fin and the 11″ a fabricated fin.

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Product Description

The finest hand made Glide bait. Made with detail and precision. Hand painted and fin design give this bait a look like no other . The size and swimming action make this a bait that is a must have for anyone looking to “Up” their game on big fish!

The 11″ glideator has custom fins made of a strong resin material. While the 9″ has solid injected fins.

  • Patent: D662,172S
  • Colors: Greenbow and rainbow
  • Hook size: 9″ 2/0, 11″3/0